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« The greatest luxury for your customers is time, and Home Serenity can help them make the most of that »

Today, delivering a personalized service is probably the main competitive advantage for a hotel.

The recognition, knowing the guest’s habits and preferences, the empathy…are factors that will make your guests feel recognized, welcomed, and then make them come back.

From arrival to departure…

As a representative of your hotel, we will be the unique contact of your client, cooperating with all the departments within your establishment, allowing your employees to save time while providing a perfect service to your guest.

Discretion and confidentiality are very important, we are at your entire disposal to give you a personal answer to your own request…

The main reasons for offering a Private Butler service to your guests

For you, hotel management:

- A unique value to your product.
- Enjoy the flexibility and the availability from a person entirely at your service and at your guest’s service
- In a delicate economic climate, choose a service provider trained to high quality of service who will work within your hotel in a punctual way, by avoiding all the social constraints related to staff hiring.
- Increase your turnover and your margin by charging this service to your guest.
- Provide a unique and personalized service.
- Simplify the communication between all the departments.
- Develop a customer loyalty.

For your guest:

- The insurance to have only one person available anytime for anything
- An answer guaranteed to any request
- A « Tailor Made » service

Most of the hotels have become very departmentalized. Yet clearly as a guest in a hotel there are many instances when the services provided by one department cross over into another department, or when the actions of a department could be improved by information or assistance received from another department. Sadly this does not happen often in the modern hotel buy oracea online.

As multi-skilled professionals trained to assist all departments within the hotel, We would not be tied to any one department but would have only one goal in mind:

Guest Satisfaction

With an effective reporting procedure in place, We would become the eyes and ears of senior management, thus ensuring that management could monitor guest satisfaction throughout the stay. Therefore, any problems could be resolved immediately while the guest is in the hotel.

Because each client is unique, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized programm and enjoy a service “Tailor made for you”