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You’re not there…

- Your property will be aired and cleaned according to your requests…
- Your garden and your swimming pool maintenance will be done to allow you to enjoy them upon your arrival…
- From a simple repair…to an emergency, everything will be organized.
- You are expecting an important letter or parcel … follow up will be assured
- The summer is coming; your brand new garden lounge furniture is ordered…we will coordinate the installation before your next stay.
- It’s not easy to find the right service provider…we will contact the different professionals to get the quotation according to your needs.
- Some works are on-going in your property…a regular report will be sent.

Your stay is starting…

- Upon arrival, we will be present and will personally organize your transfer…with a display of amenities to begin your stay the best way possible.

- Once arrived…you will discover your property set up as a five star hotel…, you will enjoy your favorite meals previously cooked, your favorite drink will be in the fridge as you like…and many attentions dedicated to your well-being.

During your stay…

We will be at your entire disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to organize…

- A lunch by the seaside with your friends and family.
- The tasting of a “Grand Cru” or the discovering of a local wine.
- A dazzling floral arrangement.
- The organization of a gala diner, and find a Maître d’hôtel to offer you a fine dining service.
- A chef to create special evenings.
- Efficient and professional personnel at your service.
- A romantic diner is planned; a professional baby-sitter will take care of your child.
- A musician playing your favorite songs on your terrace.

O’ur services are unlimited….

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